Old Working Papers

Central Bank of Chile

We conduct an exhaustive out-of-sample forecasting evaluation exercise for the monthly price of crude oil between 1992 and 2011.

We analyze how much of the daily returns are explained by supply events and geopolitical tensions.

We estimate a panel data model of the long-term interest rate for the period 1990-2009.



Lecturer of Introduction to econometrics

Aug 2017 – May 2020 City College of New York

Lecturer of Introduction to macroeconomics

Mar 2014 – Jul 2014 Universidad de Santiago

Graduate teaching assistant of Finance at the MBA (x3)

Jul 2011 – Dec 2013 Universidad de Chile

Teaching Assistant of Introduction to economics (x3)

Mar 2010 – Dec 2011 Universidad Diego Portales

Work experience


Consultant at the Development Research Group (Poverty and Inequality)

The World Bank

May 2019 – Present Washington DC
Working on intergenerational socioeconomic mobility.

Consultant at the Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global Practice

The World Bank

Jun 2018 – Jun 2019 Washington DC
Work on regional study about fiscal policy in LAC.

Research associate

Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality

Jan 2018 – Present Washington DC

Consultant at the Labor Markets Division

Inter-American Development Bank

Mar 2016 – Aug 2016 Washington DC
Work on earnings inequality using administrative data.

Consultant at the Development Research Group (Human Development)

The World Bank

Mar 2016 – Aug 2016 Washington DC
Work on pension knowledge adquisition.

Economic and financial analyst at the Research Division

Central Bank of Chile

Feb 2010 – Aug 2014 Santiago, Chile
Research, forecasting, and adviser of a board member.