Jumping on the Bandwagon? Attendance Response to Recent Victories in the NBA

Draft coming soon.

Implementing Quantile Selection Models in Stata

This article describes qregsel, a Stata module to implement a copula-based sample selection correction for quantile regression recently proposed by Arellano and Bonhomme (2017).

Incumbency Advantage, Money, and Campaigns: A Note on Some Suggestive Evidence from Chile

I find a significant incumbency advantage in municipal elections only after the reform implemented in 2016.

kmr: A Command to Correct Survey Weights for Unit Nonresponse using Groups' Response Rates

How to estimate a micro compliance function using group's nonresponse rates in Stata.

Ex-Dividend Date Stock Behavior and the Clientele Effect: Evidence around a Tax Reduction

The divided tax reduction affected the price drop ratios, consistent with the clienele effect hypothesis.